Wednesday, November 3, 2010


       Normally, I like to sleep in, but no such luck today. My sweet dreams were interrupted this morning by the sunlight pouring in my bedroom window at an obscene hour (dawn, presumably). Unfortunately, I'm one of those cursed people who are awake for the day the second my eyes crack open and are invaded by the light of day. So, I got up and dragged my hung-over body into the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on (a full pot this morning). I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror and I looked like hell, make-up smudged down the right side of my face and left over hairspray now looking like dandruff in my normally perfectly coiffed hair. Well, the way I looked certainly matched the way I felt. I showered quickly because that cup of coffee could not be in my hands fast enough.
        Anyway, I settled down at the kitchen table with my coffee and pushed my research data out of the way (although I should have reviewed a couple of days ago). I picked up yesterday's paper and came across a little article that caught my eye. The article was about a young man - we'll call him Ralph- who had recently gone missing. The missing man's brother denied the possibility that Ralph had run off even though he was recently being accused of some sort of sketchy business dealings. However, police stated they 'had no reason right now to suspect foul play.' As I skimmed through the article I put my coffee down on the table and moved my hand past the mug to the knife just behind it. Caressing the handle of my favorite toy, I couldn't help but smile. They don't know where "Ralph" is. It's my little secret.

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